Unlocking Virtual Selling Success: Proximity Insight, Threekit, and Salesforce

02/02/2021 | by Proximity

Unlocking Virtual Selling Success: Proximity Insight, Threekit, and Salesforce

To launch Proximity Insight and Threekit’s game changing partnership, we held a webinar to demo to our audience the combined capability that we are calling Ultimate Virtual Selling. This combines our personalised digital capabilities of our clienteling app, video and live chat, virtual consultations, and more with Threekit’s AR and 3D imaging. The session focused on use cases within the jewelry vertical, afterall, what is more personal than purchasing a piece of jewelry?

The webinar began with an introduction from our CEO and Co-founder Cathy McCabe, who announced our innovative partnership.

“The combination of best-in-class solutions like Salesforce, Threekit and Proximity Insight has the power to really change how brands sell luxury products, enabling customers to enjoy a better, more immersive online shopping experience. It very much speaks to our core of being able to really deliver and create exceptional customer experiences.”

John Liebler, retail expert and CEO of Retail Success Consulting then gave his thoughts on the state of retail today and what our partnership will change.

“56% of retailers have added phone/text chats with store associates to their digital experience”

Marc Uible, VP Marketing at Threekit, was up next.

“Threekit exists to demonstrate stunning visuals. The number one reason someone will buy your products is simply because of the way it looks. ”

Tony Lopez, Lead Solution Engineer at Threekit, then demonstrated Threekit’s innovative 3D and AR technology.

Finally, it was Proximity Insight’s turn. Rob Niedzwiecki began our demo with an introduction into who Proximity Insight are and how huge of an impact clienteling can have on a brand.

“Conversion rates for a good website is between 1-2%. As soon as you start chatting you’re able to increase to 24%. Adding video chat increases it again to 10-15%.”

Our very own Jarrod Hunt, Head of Solution Engineering, then led an exciting and thought provoking live demo of our digital retail platform, which you can watch below.

As our CEO Cathy McCabe mentioned, our brand new, innovative partnership has the power to change the face of virtual selling. Get in touch to learn more about Ultimate Virtual Selling and the huge benefits it can have for retailers.

Written by Proximity

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