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Make data your biggest asset

Capture the details, and make the little differences matter.

Capture each customer in a digital black book

Proximity turns data capture into customer profiling. Quickly capture new customers, then continue to collect details, contextualise their preferences, and fuel genuine connections.

Better knowledge, engagement, revenue

Monetise data, identify sales potential and augment communication efforts. With personal engagement, sales become larger and more frequent.

Fancy some feedback-driven ROI?

Listen to your customers and use derived insights to guide service and product decisions. Understand the “whys” to create more valuable and more successful brand strategies.

Re-engage. Reward. Retain.

Make your brand communication more engaging. With customer data at your fingertips, you can personalise outreach, monitor engagement and drive loyalty.

Collecting 1% more data can improve customer conversion into repeat purchases by 10-15%

  • QR Code Collection

    Make it quick and easy for customers to enter their details.

  • Automate Interaction

    Send friendly and personalised follow-ups every time – without any effort.

  • Single Customer View

    Easily integrate and unify data from all third-party touchpoints, creating one rounded profile.

  • Confident Compliance

    GDPR is built in to every data interaction, so you can build trust.

  • Bring Data to Life

    From wish lists to previous purchases, you can see customer habits, not just numbers.

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  • How does Proximity drive better engagement?

    Even a simple follow-up can boost engagement. The power of personalised communication is undeniable – but it’s only possible when you have the customer data to back it up. That’s where Proximity comes in, the platform helps you collect and utilise customer information to inform engagement.

  • How does customer data help me with retention?

    More attentive and personalised experiences build better relationships. This leads to higher brand loyalty. Customer data is an asset which can be used to create more personal connections, as well as more relevant and exciting CTAs for each individual, leading to more successful conversions.

  • How does Proximity make data capture easier?

    Proximity’s QR code method makes it quick and easy for customers to provide the most useful information. Plus, the app helps you provide greater value based on this data, so your customers feel rewarded.

  • How does Proximity support me to collect more data after acquisition?

    You can use your data to create personal outreach, service offers and product recommendations that incentivise your customers to interact and provide more data.

  • How does Proximity compare to a standard database?

    Proximity makes it easy to continually grow your customer profiles with the data that makes a difference – including more personal and emotional information than a simple database. Plus, the automation and tasking features help you keep your database active and engaged.