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Want to turn your stores into experience providers?

Empower every store to build a community.
Give them the tools to curate memorable events.

Create and manage in-store events, from anywhere

Give your teams independence. Manage events from start to finish, all through one app. Private, public, or VIP, you can do it all.

Engage your local community

Give value to each store’s unique audience. Host community-building retail events. Connect with and learn more about your customers while building brand loyalty.

Nurture relationships long after the event

Manage every stage of the event lifecycle – invite target lists, register your guests, and, best of all, continue to deepen relationships with each guest post-event.

Over 40% of consumers admit they become more loyal to businesses after attending their events

  • Mobile Everything

    Enjoy the flexibility of managing all event needs from your mobile.

  • Manage Event Promotion

    Get the word out via email, exclusive invites, and other outreach activities.

  • Track Performance

    Create customers, collect data and track attributions to analyse event success.

  • Event Discovery

    Embed event discovery and the full booking journey on your website

  • Personalise for Every Customer

    Create personalised communications at scale, from confirmations to reminders.


Discover how Lafayette 148 achieved $4m attributed sales.

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