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Our Retail Super-App is the #1 clienteling app on the Salesforce AppExchange. A powerful tool designed to make your daily tasks easy, enhance customer engagement, and drive sales growth. Our app integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, providing real-time access to customer data, inventory management, and dashboard reporting.

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Bring Salesforce into the store

Proximity is natively built on Salesforce and extends the capabilities to meet the needs of retailers.

Empower your associates to create unique customer experiences, build lasting relationships, and drive loyalty by leveraging the data and insight you have.

Now every associate has the power of Salesforce in their hands.


Simple and cost-effective

Proximity can easily be deployed into your existing Salesforce environment using clicks not code. Leverage your existing Salesforce platform and consolidate solutions on a world-class, secure platform.

Our team are experts in Salesforce. We will help make the initial set up as simple and quick as possible, and help you get more out of your Salesforce investment

Flexible and scalable

Proximity’s flexible platform means you can scale your solution quickly as your needs and the retail industry evolves.

Easy to deploy across multiple regions, in multiple languages, our continuous updates, enhancements, and new features can quickly be rolled out to help you stay innovative and deliver amazing customer experiences.

The value
of Proximity

  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Drive increased engagement and LTV
  • Provide associates with real-time data insight
  • Consolidate multiple applications into one platform
  • Build and enrich your customer 360° in Salesforce

Expand your Salesforce world

Proximity works seamlessly with other Salesforce Clouds, helping you maximise the value from your existing Salesforce investments.

Commerce Cloud

Sell more across every channel.

Empower associates to serve the customer wherever they are, and provide easy purchase journeys, whether in-store or online. Offer flexible fulfilment options so you always get the sale.

Service Cloud

Serve every customer as a VIP.

Empower your teams with a unified view of the customer and all their interactions. This makes it much easier to answer queries, offer personalised services and recommendations, and remote consultations.

Marketing Cloud

Augment your marketing campaigns.

Use the power of personal to drive more effective campaigns through Marketing Cloud, combining insight and personalised outreach to achieve higher engagement and conversion rates. Grasp every opportunity to engage or promote.

Order Management

Transact through every channel with Proximity.

Proximity is the store UI for Salesforce Order Management allowing associates to see real-time inventory and update order status. You can click and collect, BOPIS, purchase in store, ship items, and send pay by links – all within the app.

Certified Partner

Our team of Salesforce MVPs, architects and product experts have worked in the ecosystem for over 15 years and can help you get more value from your Salesforce investments.

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The Retail Super-App

Our Retail Super-App integrates inventory management, customer relationship management, sales tracking, and analytics into one easy-to-use platform. It’s customisable to suit your specific business needs, whether you’re a small boutique or a large retail chain.

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Platform Modules

Our Retail Super-App offers a range of modules to help enhance customer experience, increase sales, and streamline operations. Whether you want to capture and connect customer data, personalise engagement, book appointments, transact anywhere, manage events, or access insights, we have a module for you. Here are some of the modules accessible from our single platform:


  • How is Salesforce used in retail?

    Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM, used to manage interactions with customers and potential customers and streamline operations, improve customer relationships, and enhance overall efficiency. It can be used to manage inventory, track sales, and analyse customer data to identify trends and preferences.

  • How is Salesforce different from CRM?

    Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, but it is different from other CRM software in a few key ways.

    • Salesforce is a cloud-based solution, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This provides flexibility and scalability for businesses.
    • Salesforce offers a wide range of features and functionalities beyond standard CRM capabilities, such as sales and marketing automation, customer service management, and analytics.
    • Salesforce has a large and active community with a vast marketplace of third-party apps and integrations, allowing for further customisation and expansion of the platform. 

    Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM, and is both a comprehensive and highly adaptable CRM solution.

  • What is the difference between CRM and clienteling?

    The main difference between CRM and clienteling is the approach and focus. CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management, is a system or strategy used by businesses to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. It primarily focuses on collecting and organising customer information, tracking customer interactions, and improving overall customer experience and satisfaction.

    On the other hand, clienteling is a more personalised and individualised approach to customer relationship management. It is a practice used primarily in retail or luxury industries, where sales associates or representatives build long-term relationships with individual customers. 

    Clienteling involves providing personalised recommendations, remembering customer preferences, and offering tailored experiences to enhance customer loyalty and drive sales.