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Digitising Personal Relationships
Retail has been changing for many years. Connecting with customers quickly, efficiently and personally is essential to doing business in the modern world and events like COVID-19 have simply accelerated the need for change.

A key element of this change is understanding how you can maintain human connections and emotion, that is at the heart of retail, across all of your channels.

Proximity Insight is a global leader in helping brands to get closer to their customers, both in person and virtually. We call this capability ‘real time clienteling’.
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increase in repeat purchases

2-6 weeks

out of the box deployment model


uplift in conversion​

My Hub is where associates go to organise their day.
We integrate tasks, customer journey reminders, appointments, queues and customer conversations into a single UI – everything an associate needs to be able to work smarter and make informed decisions.
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Clienteling Hub allows your customer facing teams to interact with customers online and in-store.
Associates can view customer profiles, purchases and past interactions from every channel and are prompted to build relationships using email, text, video chat and social media platforms including WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Line and Kakao. Associates can quickly offer enhanced experiences by creating appointments, wishlists, curated edits, personalised recommendations and 'buy now' moments to inspire and nurture customers.
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Commerce Hub brings together product imagery and copy into the hands of the associates to support assisted selling and virtual commerce.
Commerce hub integrates with inventory and fulfilment systems to show product catalogue and stock availability; allowing associates to offer customers assisted selling services such as order in-store, deliver to home, click and collect, order online and virtual payments. Basket and payment has never been easier.
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Brand Hub is where teams collaborate and contribute to the heart of the brand.
Associates and head office team members share insights on new products, review shop operations and receive brand messages enabling real-time brand collaboration.
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Intelligence Hub provides the back-office power that corporate and store management teams demand.
Powerful business process design, operational workflows, performance engine functionality and engagement tracking is visualised in comprehensive dashboards and reporting suites. All the metrics you need to measure performance in a single portal.

With our intelligence platform your teams will learn, adapt, and manage data to generate meaningful customer insights and amplify your customer experience. Insight rather than hindsight will empower them to make more informed decisions and enable change.
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Built on an Enterprise Grade Platform

Our solution is built on Salesforce, the world’s No. 1 trusted cloud platform.

Device and platform agnostic we deploy within weeks with global presence in 20 + countries​