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Give your store teams a technical makeover with Proximity’s clienteling software and POS for beauty retailers.

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The Ultimate Clienteling Solution for Beauty Retailers

A deep understanding of each customer’s unique preferences ensures that beauty retailers can offer personalised product recommendations and exclusive offers that truly resonate. Our clienteling tool for beauty retailers not only enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty but also drives sales and fosters a more meaningful connection between retailers and their customers. Transform your beauty retail strategy with our advanced clienteling solution, designed to cater to the nuanced needs of every shopper.

360 degree customer profile

We connect your customer data and make it easy to recommend the right beauty products. We put all the right information directly into the hands of your sales associate in a platform that’s mobile-first, easy to adopt and simple to use. With access to wish lists, skin type, tone, allergies and routine, your store teams can create magical selling moments every day.

Personalised recommendations

Our innovative clienteling tool revolutionises personalised outreach for beauty retailers by leveraging comprehensive customer data and enabling retailers to craft highly targeted and relevant communications. 

1–1 appointments

Buying beauty products by appointment is the ultimate-personalised service, resulting in more meaningful experiences, higher spending and better brand and customer connections. Our Appointment Booking module maps every customer journey and intuitively ties it in with the store’s workflow, ensuring a joined-up experience for employees and customers.

Intelligent Analytics

Our clienteling tool goes beyond basic data collection. It equips you with intelligent analytics that transform raw numbers into actionable insights. Gain a crystal-clear view of customer behaviour, emerging sales trends, and individual product performance. Make data-driven decisions to optimise your marketing strategies, curate the perfect product mix, and keep your customers coming back for more.

Improving Team Efficiency and Job Satisfaction

We believe in happy teams and exceptional customer service. Our solution streamlines complex retail processes, freeing up your team’s valuable time. Imagine a workplace where tasks are efficient, frustration is minimised, and your staff has the tools to shine.

This translates directly to a more motivated workforce and a delightful customer experience. With our clienteling tool, your team can shift their focus from administrative tasks to what truly matters – building relationships and exceeding customer expectations.



Integrate seamlessly with industry leaders

We consolidate multiple in-store applications provided in a single platform to perform a wide range of features and tasks, this improves in-store productivity by allowing your teams to quickly and easily personalise every customer interaction and improve customer loyalty.

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Proximity’s Powerful Retail Platform for Your Business

The Retail Super-App from Proximity is designed to meet all of your business needs, allowing you to improve store team efficiency while improving the customer experience. With our clienteling services, appointment scheduling, data capture and mobile POS solutions, you’ll elevate every shopping moment and create experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations.


Tangible Results

Our products are designed to yield measurable results that improve your business’s bottom line. We want to see quantifiable outcomes, like higher customer engagement and retention rates and better staff efficiency


Our platform is made up of several modules, each designed to do a specific function. Together, these modules provide a comprehensive clienteling solution. Every module has a crucial purpose, from event management and dashboard reporting to clienteling and data capture.