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Customer sign up made easy

With multiple data capture options

Capture and connect

Make customer sign up simple and increase data capture with self-service contactless capture on their own device

World-class security

Because we’re built on Salesforce, we share their security features. You can be confident all customer data is protected, and your associates can do their jobs safely and efficiently

Enriching data

Capture unique customer insights during in-store interactions from the moment you meet, paving the way for meaningful engagement

+150% data capture

  • Human-first

    Make it personal

    Tailor marketing efforts to individuals, resulting in increased customer loyalty and sales

  • Engage with Proximity

    Enhanced customer service

    Improve customer service and provide a more personalised experience for customers

  • Intelligent insights

    Collected data provides retailers with valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, helping teams make informed decisions

  • Increased efficiency

    By using data to optimize operations, efficiency increases and costs reduce, ensuring retailers remain competitive in the market

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