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Our framework for your retail excellence

Proximity is more than a platform, it’s a partnership. We build a culture for successful adoption and growth while delivering the solution that better enables you to achieve your goals.

We take you through our tried and tested process and our team stays engaged through every phase of your journey.


Customer Operating Rhythm - Proximity


Implement the solution that delivers on your goals 

Our delivery team oversees the end-to-end implementation of your solution, from inception through to launch. We do this with your business objectives in mind and in a highly collaborative way, so you can truly own what we build.

  • Elicit requirements and design solutions based on your brand’s specific needs
  • Build and quality assure every element of the technical solution
  • Manage every step of deployment and launch
  • Provide retail, technical, and project management expertise to optimise success


Drive customer lifetime value

Get more from your app with our success team. They’re your strategic partners in getting the best results out of your Proximity.

  • Onboarding and training
  • Retail excellence advice
  • Performance analysis and actionable insights
  • Proactive recommendations
  • Identification of  expansion and growth opportunities


Dynamically evolve with the market

As new features, new technology challenges, and changing customer demands come about, we’ll always be here to provide technical support and help you adapt.

  • Technical support
  • Technical on-demand advice
  • Reactive troubleshooting
  • Support new features and functionalities
  • Human-first


  • Outcome-driven


  • Collaborative


  • Creative


  • Proactive


Why Proximity?

All in one app

Proximity is the all in one, Retail Super-App.

We consolidate your view of the customer and blend the physical and virtual retail world. From inspire to connect to transact, you can manage everything from here.

Our app is a revenue generator. ROI is easily measured and quickly realised, typically within 3-9 months of going live.

Retail + Tech expertise

We bring a huge blend of experience and expertise.

Our team has a fantastic combination of technical and retail knowledge – plus a diverse project list behind us. This medley of abilities empowers us to create, solve problems, and delight every customer we work with.

#1 Retail App on Salesforce

Proximity is natively built on Salesforce and extends its capabilities to meet the needs of retailers. 

Empower your associates to create unique customer experiences, build lasting relationships, and drive loyalty by leveraging your data in one single app. 


Bring your customers closer

Discover how we can empower retail excellence, together.

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