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Streamline transactions & Empower Retail Teams with Mobile POS

Sourcing, transacting, and fulfilment shouldn’t be a challenge. We’re transforming how and where your customers transact with our omnichannel retail POS solution. Make every transaction smooth and effortless with Tap to Pay, Pay by Link, Digital wallets, and more.

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You don’t need multiple solutions to make a sale. From the inspire stages to sourcing a product and taking payment, the all-in-one Retail Super-App enables you to complete a purchase start to finish.


Seamlessly connect customers with what they want, by checking a single view of stock, then fulfilling customer requests, in just a few clicks.


Next generation commerce allows your teams to engage directly with your customers, anywhere, anytime across channels and devices.

What makes our mobile POS system so special

  • Drive sales uplift

    Identify the right product every time. Cross sell, upsell, personalised recommendations and curated edits to engage and inspire your customers

  • Human-first

    Loyalty and retention

    Understand customer behaviour across channels and engage with customers in a personalised and meaningful way

  • Instore, Remote, Online

    Engage, source and transact across all channels and locations with ease


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Bring Your Customers Closer

In today’s digital age, creating meaningful connections with customers is more important than ever. Our innovative solutions are designed to help you bring your customers closer and foster lasting relationships.

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Achieve your goals with Proximity. Our features are designed to help you succeed; and to curate the most impactful brand experiences possible. From creating highly personalised moments to maximising the value of your data, Proximity makes your strategic vision a reality.

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  • Can my team use their own devices?

    Yes. Proximity can work on any device, but using a personal device may require some additional security considerations which we can talk through with you.

  • How does Proximity support cash-free transactions?

    Proximity enables you to do all your transactions digitally, while also getting rid of bulky POS devices in your store. This allows you to reimagine the store experience itself, freeing up room for storage or more creative layout ideas.

  • How does the POS integrate with our systems?

    To achieve the benefits of the Retail Super-App quickly, we have well defined integration points into existing eComm / POS systems, allowing additional capability and customer journeys to be overlaid onto existing in-store systems. Speak to our team to find out how we do it.

  • What is a mobile POS system?

    A mobile POS (Point of Sale) system is a device that allows you to receive payments without relying on a fixed POS. It is a point-of-sale system that can move around inside (or outside) your store. You can use a mobile POS system to take transactions from anywhere you need, instead of a fixed point of purchase. A mobile POS system can help you increase sales and convenience for your customers.

  • What is the difference between fixed POS and mobile POS?

    The primary distinction between POS and mPOS systems is their hardware. A typical retail POS system operates in a fixed location and uses a mounted touch screen terminal, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer. mPOS devices are portable and allow you to move among multiple locations.