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Struggling with data transparency?

Harness the power of insight all in one place

Data-driven engagement

What do you want to drive? Whether its response rate or appointment conversion, you can monitor it all in the dashboard. Or why not analyse the data to shape your next targeted campaign?

Connect all your data

Search your databases no longer. Our dashboards provide you with all the essential data analysis, reporting, and performance management tools. The insights are ready and waiting for you.

View your brand your way

You might have specific brand KPIs. We’ll help you configure the dashboards and what they measure to curate your insight so you can better shape your brand experience.

Understand performance. Be strategic

Transparent data means transparent decisions. With complete visibility and understanding of retail engagement performance, you can meet your strategic objectives.

Limitless possibilities of reporting configuration with world class data security

  • Sales attribution
  • Active user rates
  • Outreach rates
  • Response rates
  • Click through rates
  • Log in frequency
  • Product recommendations
  • Appointments booked
  • Event performance
  • Usage behaviour
  • KPI

    Easily export strategic reports directly from your dashboard.

  • Visualisations on Demand

    Just choose what graph you’d like and it’ll be produced automatically.

  • Interactive

    From universal filters to layout, your dashboard is designed to explore, easily.


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  • How much can the dashboard be personalised to my brand?

    The dashboard can be almost entirely personalised to your brand needs and KPIs, from layout to filters. We’ll go through a workshop with you to determine exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Who can access the management dashboard?

    The management dashboard is designed for managerial access, but some data can be made available to your customer-facing associates. Plus, you can use the reporting feature to share with senior stakeholders.