Platform for Tangible Retail Results | Proximity

Proximity is a revenue generator

ROI is easily measured and quickly realised, typically within 3-9 months of going live.

This is retail excellence.

  • +150%

    Data Capture

  • 15%

    Conversion Rate

  • 50-70%

    Email Open Rates

  • 30%

    Increase in ATV

Customer Acquisition

Proximity makes it easy. We help you quickly capture the information that matters and use it to make your brand experience more memorable (and longer lasting).



We want curating human experiences to be easy. Use a perfect blend of automated tasks, reminders, and data-led personalisation, at every touchpoint.


Engagement & Retention

We believe in connection, that leads to engagement, that leads to retention. The Proximity app allows you to put relationships first with integrated data, communication, workflow and reporting tools.



Improve staff productivity and performance, consolidate tools, save time and spend less. Proximity’s all-in-one app makes day to day tasks quicker, easier, joined-up and targeted, every time.


Sales growth

Grow the value of every customer. Proximity has a range of capabilities that help you close sales, cross-sell, and upsell – all motivated by building relationships and inspiring deeper desire.


Empowering teams

Turn your associates into superheroes. With an all-in-one retail app, they will reach their targets, exceed customer expectations, and be the exceptional face of your brand.


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