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Say goodbye to generic digital interactions

Bring on easy, automated, human personalisation tools

Powerful personalisation, at every instance

Record every encounter, every activity, every interaction. With central customer records, each associate has the power to personalise their service, for every customer and touchpoint.

Bring together the end-to-end experience

Proximity presents a consolidated view of your customer interaction with your brand, ensuring they get tailored experiences wherever and whenever they engage.

Take people on a journey

Create bespoke digital workflows that result in consistent and paced communication with your customers, allowing them to gradually discover your brand proposition.

Automate to scale relationships

Trigger prompts and automate tasks that nurture your 1 to 1 relationships. Focus on curating communication that sparks genuine connection.

+ 30% AOV for customers engaged via clienteling activity

  • Data-Led Offers

    Tailor your offers and recommendations for each customer or like-minded groups.

  • Informed by History

    Use past activity to personalise future interactions – so the customer feels truly listened to.

  • Considered Clienteling

    Deeper personalisation powers closer clienteling. Using the right data, every experience can be exceptional.

  • Profiling Perfection

    Proximity data means more. Don’t just collect, contextualise customer likes, dislikes, and habits.


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