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Put relationships at the heart of engagement

Supercharge your KPIs with Proximity’s retail engagement platform. Increase sales, slash returns, and improve customer retention.

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Customer Retention Management

Let everyone leverage relationship-based knowledge

Transfer information from your associates’ minds into an accessible tool. This way, everyone can see the full picture of communication, interactions, and purchase activity.

Make engagement measurable

Define, track and measure key metrics. Identify when, how, and who to connect with – so you can optimise engagement across the board.

Breed loyalty with deeper brand interactions

Activate consistent customer journeys. Use repeatable workflows, personalised updates, and informed communications to keep your customers coming back for more.

Keep every customer connected

Ensure every customer not only stays active, but actively engages. Trigger tasks for infrequent shoppers, optimise channel response rates, and adapt interactions based on customer behaviour.

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All beautifully wrapped up in a single retail platform, the Retail Super-App empowers employees to engage, source and transact in one smooth journey.

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Tangible Results

Achieve your goals with Proximity. Our features and modules are designed to help you succeed; and to curate the most impactful brand experiences possible. From creating highly personalised moments to maximising the value of your data, Proximity makes your strategic vision a reality.

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Benefits of Proximity’s Customer Retention Software

With 83% response rate to social messaging & 88% appointment conversion rate, Proximity’s customer retention software offers the following benefits:

  • Proactive

    Don’t let any customer get lost in the mix - keep up relationships with automated reminders.

  • Remove

    Bring all communication and data touchpoints together – making engagement easier.

  • Engagement Through Metrics

    See attributions, open rates, conversions and more to understand engagement better.

  • Communicate on the Customers' Terms

    Proximity enables SMS, WhatsApp, email, WeChat, Viber and more.

Retail Customer Retention Software Case Study

Discover how Lafayette 148 achieved $4m attributed sales.

Case Study

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Bring your customers closer

In today’s digital age, creating meaningful connections with customers is more important than ever. Our innovative solutions are designed to help you bring your customers closer and foster lasting relationships.

  • How does increased engagement lead to sales/ROI?

    Delivering personalised and frictionless customer experiences leads to lifelong loyalty with your brand. Empowering your teams with a 360° view of your customers’ shopping behaviours in the palm of their hand, enables them to better connect, better serve and better sell.

  • Do digital tools improve engagement?

    Customers expect hyper-personalised interactions to remain engaged with a brand. Experience tells us that empowering your teams with the best digital tools to deliver a personalised experience at the first point of contact drives loyalty, brand awareness, and provides a greater sales return.