Retail Sales Growth | Proximity

Inspire curiosity, creativity and desire

For customers that keep coming back

Grow lifetime value

Build relationships that mean more than transactions. Drive desire to buy, and buy again, by telling personal stories.

Curate cross-selling opportunities

Sell more than a single item. Curate full looks, build collections, and sell across different product categories – all based on data-led preferences.

Close the loop, close the sale

Don’t risk the customer dropping off between interaction and transaction. Use Proximity to send payment links directly to the customer after inspiring transactions.

Give the people what they want

Improve sales targeting using customer data reporting and analysis. See people’s interests and deliver the recommendations, offers, event invites or support that will inspire action.

Over $1M attributable sales per month

  • Live Chat = Live Sales

    React to customer needs as they occur with direct, in-the-moment communication channels.

  • Dig Into Data

    Use purchase history, previous activity, likes and dislikes, to inform sales recommendations.

  • Collection Builder

    Create a product collection specifically for your customer, to complement purchases and inspire new sales.

  • Try Target Lists

    Filter customers by similarities so you can engage and target sales on a bigger scale.

  • Dream Wardrobe

    Use the Canvas tool to inspire new looks, sustainable shopping, and complementary sales.


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