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The physical shopping experience matters more than ever for luxury brands, and our tool creates joy for every one of your customers

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The Art & Science of Clienteling for Luxury Brands

As a clienteling software solutions provider, Proximity constantly partner with specialists around the globe. Introducing Gogo Cheng, Founder & Managing Director of Gogo Cheng Consulting Limited

With a stellar client roster including Burberry, Farfetch, LVMH, and Zegna, Gogo is an international consultant specialising in clienteling and customer loyalty for Luxury brands. To find out what Luxury brands are investing in, and why a robust clienteling strategy is key, watch her interview with Proximity here


The Ultimate Clienteling Solution for Luxury Retailers

Tailored Recommendations 

By leveraging customer data, our solution provides personalised product recommendations based on past purchases, preferences, and behaviours.

Custom Communications

Enables personalised communication through preferred channels, making interactions more relevant and engaging.

VIP Treatment

Provides tools for delivering exceptional service to high-value clients, reinforcing their loyalty to the brand.

Loyalty Programs 

Facilitates the management of loyalty programs and exclusive offers tailored to individual customer profiles.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Data-driven insights help associates suggest complementary or higher-value products, increasing the average transaction value.

Client Retention

Personalised follow-ups and special offers encourage repeat purchases, boosting overall sales.

Centralised Data Management

Consolidates customer information from various touchpoints, providing a single view of the customer that enhances decision-making and service delivery.

Inventory Management

Helps in better managing inventory by tracking customer preferences and purchasing trends.

Analytics and Reporting 

Offers detailed analytics on customer behaviour, enabling brands to refine their outreach strategies. It also tracks the performance of store associates, identifying areas for improvement and recognising top performers.

Training and Knowledge Sharing 

Provides store associates with access to comprehensive customer profiles and product knowledge, improving their ability to serve customers effectively.


Integrate seamlessly with industry leaders

We consolidate multiple in-store applications provided in a single platform to perform a wide range of features and tasks, this improves in-store productivity by allowing your teams to quickly and easily personalise every customer interaction and improve customer loyalty.

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Proximity’s Powerful Retail Platform for Your Business

The Retail Super-App from Proximity is designed to meet all of your business needs, allowing you to improve store team efficiency while improving the customer experience. With our clienteling services, appointment scheduling, data capture and mobile POS solutions, you’ll elevate every shopping moment and create experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations.


Tangible Results

Our products are designed to yield measurable results that improve your business’s bottom line. We want to see quantifiable outcomes, like higher customer engagement and retention rates and better staff efficiency


Our platform is made up of several modules, each designed to do a specific function. Together, these modules provide a comprehensive clienteling solution. Every module has a crucial purpose, from event management and dashboard reporting to clienteling and data capture.

  • How do you clientele in luxury retail?

    There are many ways to clientele in the luxury retail sector.  A good strategy which includes establishing authentic, long-term relationships, creating personalised shopping experiences (both online and in person), and providing seamless, memorable experiences that reflect a customer’s values, preferences, and desires is key. Also, a robust clienteling solution to connect all the data and automate the process is also important.