Collection Builder – Video Demo

26/02/2024 | by John Wright

Collection Builder – Video Demo

Retail customers today expect hyper-personalised content. If an email or social message from a brand doesn’t speak to a customer’s needs or desires, they will ignore the message and move on.

The Retail Super-App is designed to create personalised content that cuts through the noise. Store associates can quickly and easily create a personalised collection based on accurate customer data, and send it directly to a customer in the channel they use most often.

Our latest video demo showcases our Collection Builder feature. Creating new looks, customising the display, adding images and products, and personalising the content for mass campaigns is simple with the Retail Super-App.

Want to see how it works? Watch our short video to learn about this powerful feature used regularly and loved by our current brands.

To book a demo get in touch here, or watch more of our demo videos here.

John Wright

Written by John Wright

John is an experienced Solutions Engineer with a passion for connecting Commercial and Enterprise companies with amazing technology. He has spent the last 8 years in fast paced, high-growth startups with proven success (Presidents Club), selling/consulting into Financial, Legal, and Retail Industries.

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