The Art & Science of Clienteling with Gogo Cheng

29/05/2024 | by Proximity

The Art & Science of Clienteling with Gogo Cheng

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Gogo Cheng, Founder and Managing Director of Gogo Cheng Consulting, for an interview all about the Art and Science of clienteling.

As an esteemed global Clienteling consultant, Gogo shared her expert strategies with us on how luxury retail businesses can enhance customer loyalty and profitability.

From passionate store teams, to authentic brand experiences, to the right tools to support associates, Gogo discusses what brands are doing well (and not so well), and talks about some fascinating emerging trends in the luxury retail space.

Click on the links below to watch our Q&A videos:

What is Clienteling?

What role does Technology play in Clienteling? 

How are Luxury brands creating personalised experiences?

What are some emerging trends for Luxury brands?

What are some top tips for Luxury brands?

About Gogo Cheng Consultancy:

Leading an international consultancy that specialises in luxury clienteling and customer loyalty, Gogo’s mission is to help businesses cultivate lasting relationships by creating intentional and memorable customer experiences. With a prestigious client list that includes Burberry, Farfetch, LVMH, and Zegna, Gogo’s expertise is unmatched. To find out more, visit her website here.

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