The Benefits of Assisted Selling

02/09/2021 | by Proximity

The Benefits of Assisted Selling

Our clienteling platform has many beneficial features, one of which being Assisted Selling.

According to Orquest, 88% of consumers say they are more likely to buy when they are assisted or receive recommendations from sales associates. This is a key metric highlighting why Assisted Selling capabilities are so pivotal when it comes to retail.

Our Assisted Selling capabilities give customer facing teams online and in-store access to detailed product information, ensuring that they are better educated than their customer. Our clienteling app gives sales associates the means to showcase product options, extras, accessories and complimentary lines to create upsell opportunities with ease. Assisted Selling has a great many benefits.

Assisted Selling means more information can be provided to the customer

It comes into great use when customers are being served either online or on the shopfloor and they see a product for which they want more information. Without these capabilities, customer facing teams may appear ill-informed and actually put customers off buying the product. Our solution harbours all information about a product, from availability to measurements and different colourways, all in a single view. Therefore, sales associates have all the information they need at their fingertips, enabling them to educate customers and in turn, increase basket sizes and sales. The accuracy of the information sales associates are providing to the customer also improves customer service and satisfaction.

Building relationships with customers

Assisted Selling has a huge impact on the relationships that customer facing teams build with their clients. It creates trust between the sales associate and the customer, which is hugely important when it comes to developing and nurturing long-term relationships. In turn, trust between the two parties breeds confidence. Shoppers become confident in their sales associates knowledge and rely on their advice whenever they have a query about a product, strengthening relationships and improving customer retention.

Upsell opportunities

Assisted Selling also paves the way for sales associates to create upsell opportunities. With product information and availability readily available at the swipe of a screen, sales associates are able to easily show clients full collections and head-to-toe outfits after they show an initial interest in one or two products. Customers are more likely to increase their basket size and purchase frequency. As stated above, these capabilities build trust between a sales associate and their customer and because of that trust, upsells are created naturally and with ease.

Increased conversion

According to Orquest, companies that use Assisted Selling technology multiply conversions up to 16 times if employees are available to serve customers. Shoppers are more likely to be converted from browsers who are just having a look to paying customers if sales associates are on hand to offer them product information and high-quality service.

Personalised shopping experiences

Knowing what their customers want means retailers can consistently deliver excellent and personalised customer experiences. Assisted Selling allows brands to do this by giving sales associates the tools to see relevant information about their customers, for example their size or favourite fabrics and brands. Assisted Selling also creates personalised omnichannel experiences, delivering all the benefits of online shopping to bricks-and-mortar stores, and vice versa. According to Bouncepad, 30% of shoppers want sales associates to know their preferences and create personalised experiences. Our clienteling platform holds a vast amount of information including past purchases, returns and wish lists. By linking customer information with detailed product insights, sales associates can make educated predictions about what their customers desire and create an informed, personalised shopping experience.

In summary, Proximity Insight’s clienteling platform gives our customers the Assisted Selling tools they need in order to increase the amount of engagement between a brand and its customers. As a result of our tool, our customers see an uplift in sales, average transaction value, and customer retention.

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