Standing Out from the Pack: How to make a Brand truly exceptional

14/08/2023 | by Joanne Ferguson

Standing Out from the Pack: How to make a Brand truly exceptional

Ever wondered what sets extraordinary brands apart?

It’s the art of clienteling – a strategic approach that transforms customer relationships into long-lasting connections. As brands race to deliver personalised experiences, clienteling emerges as a shining example.

In our first Clienteling Playbook we examine the importance of clienteling, the key benefits, and the must have components of an effective system.

In our latest edition Delivering Clienteling Success, we dig deeper and unravel the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind clienteling triumph. From unleashing impactful behaviours and navigating change seamlessly to unlocking ROI opportunities, this guide gives you the roadmap to success.

Discover how to authentically connect, seamlessly collaborate, flawlessly transact, and nurture relationships that last. And that’s not all – we’ll reveal the secret sauce of gamifying the experience for your team, making clienteling an enjoyable adventure.

Join us on this journey to empower your brand with invaluable insights and discover the catalyst that can propel your customer relationships towards excellence!


Joanne Ferguson

Written by Joanne Ferguson

Joanne is passionate about creating connected and solution-driven experiences that deliver on core customer and business objectives. She has strong department store and vertical retailing experience and loves creating customer-centric approaches that leverage the complementary digital tools.

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