With Love, Proximity Insight

15/04/2021 | by Proximity

With Love, Proximity Insight

In December last year, we took the opportunity to celebrate customer facing teams. We asked our clients to submit distinctive examples from members of their teams that brought joy to customers in effective, heart-warming ways by using the Proximity Insight tool. We invited the nominees to join us for a virtual awards ceremony, and announced an overall winner, alongside 3 runner ups.

Cathy, our CEO and Co-founder, opened the awards ceremony by making it clear how impactful great customer service is, especially when associates are empowered with our fantastic clienteling tool.

“One of my first jobs was a store manager role at a luxury lingerie brand. If I’d have had clienteling in those days it would’ve been amazing to be able to connect with customers and be able to reach out. My experience in retail is one of the reasons I am so passionate about what we do… During what’s been a super challenging year, it’s exciting to be able to say thank you directly to our end-users and customers who are using our digital retail platform. We had a great response from our clients who nominated your amazing stories. It’s one of the things that makes our job so rewarding.”

Reading through all the nominations was a rewarding experience. The Proximity Insight team was already aware of how powerful our clienteling tool is via the data, but hearing it first hand with over 20 different examples of how individuals all over the world are using it to go above and beyond when delivering customer service was inspiring.

Moises from Rodd & Gunn was one of the first runner ups to receive his award. He was chosen as runner up after we read his nomination, which demonstrated how proactive he is when working with his clients. ‘Each and every opportunity is taken to build and nurture relationships, not just tick a box.’ It’s important to note how our clienteling tool provides store associates with the opportunity to take charge of the relationships they build with their clients, just as Moises does, resulting in beautiful in-store and virtual experiences for both the customer and associate.

Next, our second runner up was announced. The nomination made it clear that they are extremely detail-oriented and passionate about their customers. ‘When the UK went into lockdown again, they made sure to be ready with a plan to let their customers know how important it was to them that they were available via video chat.’ Planning ahead and reaching out to customers instead of waiting for them to get in touch, made it clear to us that this nominee goes the extra mile to care for their clients.

Myles from Orlebar Brown was announced as our final runner up. According to his nomination, Myles used our tool to conduct research about one of his customer’s purchase history and clothing choices. Using this research and product recommendations, he selected 2 relevant products and sent an ultra-personalised email which resulted in a sale. This example of communication shows how impactful our clienteling tool is.

Finally, Cathy announced Elliot as the overall winner of our With Love, Proximity Insight award. Elliot was chosen as the winner after we heard how much thought had gone into caring for his customers. During lockdown, Elliot corresponded with a client on video chat and went above and beyond to deliver exceptional service, finding a product that was seemingly out of stock in every boutique across England, Europe and Asia. The customer was so blown away with how helpful and considerate Elliot was, that they wrote to Elliot’s manager.

“The level of service that Elliott provided recently was world class… He moved heaven and earth to ensure I received the product I wanted. I just want to commend and truly thank Elliott for the level of customer service he provided, he went the extra mile and then some.”

This feedback is a fantastic example of how our digital retail tool allows our customers to provide exemplary customer service, cultivating strong relationships and therefore, driving customer loyalty.

We also held a congratulatory With Love, Proximity Insight event for our Australian clients. We were joined by Sophie, Katelyn and Cindy from Kennedy who gave us excellent feedback on our clienteling tool.

“What I love about the platform is that it prompts us to reach out to our clients. Without the tool, I wouldn’t follow up with my clients as much as I do. It helps my team and I make things look more professional and helps us have complete visibility throughout the whole store which is extremely helpful when a team member is away. I love it.”

“Every morning, the first thing I do is check my Proximity Insight app. The calendar is really easy to use and gives me a clear direction for the day… Messaging is really useful as we used to only be able to email our clients. Now, we can message them which usually results in a much faster response.”

‘With Love, Proximity Insight’ gave us the opportunity to get valuable feedback directly from those who use our clienteling platform the most. Giving the nominees the chance to give us direct feedback enlightened us to exactly what the end users would like to see in the next update, ensuring our clienteling tool is as useful as possible to the people who use it. The event also gave us the opportunity to commend the associates on their hard work during what’s been an extremely challenging year. At Proximity Insight, we believe in the power of personal, wherever you are and wherever the customer is.

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