Rodd & Gunn Expands Retail Super-App Integration into 41 New Stores Globally

12/03/2024 | by Lucy Lefroy

Rodd & Gunn Expands Retail Super-App Integration into 41 New Stores Globally

Rodd & Gunn, the ready-to-wear premium men’s brand from New Zealand has expanded their use of Proximity’s Retail Super-App into 41 new stores across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and the US expansion will launch in Q2. This marks a significant milestone for the brand as it continues to prioritise customer-centric strategies and technological advancements in retail.

Since its initial adoption of the Retail Super-App in 2019, Rodd & Gunn has witnessed substantial growth and success in enhancing clienteling, personalisation, and meaningful interactions across its stores. The app launched in just 10 stores in Australia and New Zealand, then in 2021 the brand expanded into more stores. This latest expansion broadens Proximity’s presence into new regions within Australia and New Zealand, and extends its global footprint into emerging markets worldwide.

Patrick Sauter, Executive General Manager Retail at Rodd & Gunn, expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion project, stating:

“We have built a long-standing relationship with Proximity that runs deep. It’s a partnership built on trust and reliability. It’s been a no brainer, as we expand, we have them right there with us supporting our goals in creating genuine customer connections. We’re not out to reinvent the wheel in new markets; we’re just focused on being the best version of ourselves and simply delivering the best of what we offer. Proximity has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of how we roll in the retail world. It’s become second nature to us.”

Cathy McCabe, CEO & Co-Founder at Proximity said:

“The Retail Super-App’s remarkable success in Rodd & Gunn’s stores has led to unprecedented sales figures and personalised experiences for their clientele. The team at Rodd & Gunn have seamlessly integrated the tool into daily operations, utilising our technology to drive tangible business outcomes and elevate their customer experience. We are proud to be part of Rodd & Gunn’s journey towards innovation and customer excellence, and we look forward to continuing to support their continued success.”

The integration of the Retail Super-App aligns with Rodd & Gunn’s commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences while leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive operational efficiency and growth. By expanding the use of the Retail Super-App into more stores around the world, Rodd & Gunn aims to further elevate its brand presence, strengthen customer relationships, and drive business success in diverse markets.

For more information about the success stories behind the Rodd & Gunn and Proximity partnership, case studies can be found here.

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Lucy Lefroy

Written by Lucy Lefroy

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