Investing in Tech: Engaging Shoppers

24/05/2023 | by Chris Jones

Investing in Tech: Engaging Shoppers

The Proximity team recently flew to Barcelona to attend SHOPTALK Europe.

Here’s a roundup of the top takeaways we believe brands should be implementing right now to improve customer experience, drive loyalty and lifetime value.

  • Retailers & brands must equip their staff with technology and training to improve efficiencies and importantly; to help retain their staff
  • Store staff will then have connected first-party data to serve their customers
  • Brands need to invest in training their staff to be competent using AI to boost productivity as these skills are becoming more and more important
  • As well as empowering staff, brands must invest just as much in empowering their consumers with real time data on stock availability and delivery information to maximise the value of this data
  • Reduce friction and offer a seamless experience for shoppers, allowing the customer to interact at every touchpoint and build a deeper connection
  • Luxury customers expect an experience that enables them to be inspired whilst taking their time to savour a brand and its products & services and most importantly, the ability to transact seamlessly and quickly. It’s a tough balance to get right but can be done with the right technology
  • In-store experiences are more important than ever as consumers place a greater emphasis on in-store shopping, and technology has a supporting role

This is the time for brands to embrace a culture of experimentation to test-and-learn new technologies to improve customer journeys and drive innovation, create value and stay ahead of the curve. It’s an exciting time for retail!

Chris Jones

Written by Chris Jones

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