The Power of Thank You

12/10/2020 | by Proximity

The Power of Thank You

‘Thank you’ has a power that can bind people together, strengthen relationships, improve mood, and increase the wellbeing of both the thanker and the thanked. In increasingly digitised retail environments, remembering to deliver a human to human thank you, personally and with integrity, is the lifeblood of customer loyalty.


Ron Thurston Head of Stores at Intermix & Author of Retail Pride

Cathy McCabe CEO & Co-Founder of Proximity Insight

Cathy and Ron will be discussing how the power of thank you has impacted their retail journeys at Burberry, Jaeger, Intermix, Saint Laurent, Bonobos, Apple, Tory Burch and the list goes on.

The Power of Thank You will also mark the launch of Ron’s book ‘Retail Pride’, described by the publisher as “a love letter to the retail industry and all that work in it”. To celebrate this book launch we will be gifting 10 audience members a copy.

We will also be dissecting data on the impact that customer facing teams can have when they reach out to customers using thank you messaging and they will be unveiling some astounding insights.

In a dramatically digitised retail environment enlisting simple human to human thank yous can deepen customer loyalty at a time when every customer counts.

Learn more by joining our webinar on 13th October 2020 12:00 EST 5:00 BST

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