Enhance Customer Experience with 5 Tactics for New Store Measures

15/06/2020 | by Proximity

Enhance Customer Experience with 5 Tactics for New Store Measures

Today is an exciting day for UK retail. Non-essential stores are reopening today. Queues of shoppers line the streets at a social distance of 2 meters, with customers and staff alike ready for the doors to open resume some sort of normality.

For the retail industry, the last few months have been particularly difficult. Some businesses have been unable to trade online, making this strenuous period even more of a challenge. Others have been learning to navigate new ways of meaningfully connecting with clients online. And now there is a new task that presented itself when non-essential shops opened their doors this morning: adapting to the latest way of interacting and communicating with customers on the shop floor.

In spite of these challenges, we at Proximity Insight believe that there has never been a better time to build upon, re-establish and utilise strong relationships with customers. Now more than ever before, customers appreciate the time that Sales Associates invest into caring for their clients. Human connection is vital if brands want to create extraordinary experiences for their customers to enjoy and remember for many years to come.

How do brands adhere to new measures and optimise in-store experience?

Our team of retail industry experts responded with a 5 part guide on how to enhance the customers experience of shopping whilst sticking to the protective new measures set in place that rightly prioritise health and safety of staff and shoppers alike.

The constructive guide is made up of immediately actionable strategies inspired by tactics of the brands we work with and are proven to strengthen customer loyalty.

Included in the practical guide:

  • Welcome Back – An introduction
  • Brand Insight – Hear what the brands say
  • Make time to show you care
  • Embrace appointment booking with a difference
  • Encourage, capture & use feedback
  • Be clear on the store’s guidelines
  • Unify the power of people with the right in-store technology
  • Let’s Talk

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