Jewelers Embrace eCommerce: Introducing Ultimate Virtual Selling

21/01/2021 | by Proximity

Jewelers Embrace eCommerce: Introducing Ultimate Virtual Selling

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Today’s generation of customers has come to expect a higher standard from brands they love. These proliferating customer expectations and this year’s rapid shift to online sales has brands realizing that technological improvements are no longer a nice-to-have; they are a must-have. It is also becoming increasingly clear that personalization and customization are critical drivers in building customer loyalty and securing purchases.

Take the scenario of a customer shopping on the website of a premium/luxury retailer without the support of one of the brand’s experts or the capability to touch and feel the product. This instance is not a special or magical experience, it is lacking in personalization or customization and there is a high chance that the purchase will be abandoned.

So how do Premium and Luxury retailers address the experience deficit?

To help solve some of the obstacles brands face with online sales, virtual selling and the digital customer experience, we’re excited to share that Threekit and Proximity Insight are partnering to dive into the digitization of the retail industry. We will look at how 3D configuration can bring the product to life online and how humanizing new technology deepens customer relationships, using the use case of jewelry. Introducing both will take your luxury brand to the next level of in-store and online sales.

Let’s take a look at 3 technological advances that bring the product to life.

  • Augmented reality

Wonder what that stacked ring looks like on your hand? Or, which bag best goes with your outfit? Augmented reality can take your digital experience as close to the real thing as possible. Many jewelry brands have already implemented the try-on feature for their businesses: Hamilton Jewelers, Laura Lively, Diamond Hedge, and the jewelry store CaratLane to name a few.

And they’ve implemented AR for good reason. AR leads to more knowledgeable shoppers that results in quicker purchases and fewer product returns. Imagine your customers knowing exactly what they are looking for and which piece suits them best before they ever walk into your store. And when they do – BAM, easy sell through virtual selling. That’s the power of AR for brands.

  • 3D Configuration and Customization

Static images no longer satisfy a customer’s fancy. As the seller, you probably want to feature your entire product catalog online with each piece’s specifications, measurements, color combinations, etc. 3D configuration and customization are total game changers for luxury brands. With these cutting edge visualization capabilities, shoppers can explore every facet of a brand’s portfolio at the highest level with visual selling.

  • 360 Degree Product Videos

Were you aware that 91% to 96% of consumers have been demanding for a 360-degree product view capability as it helps them in making purchase decisions? While product videos are nothing new, the 360-degree videos we’re talking about are in a whole different ball game. This solution does not require professional photography or training. With just a click, you can capture a 360-degree view of your product and upload it directly on all your social media channels and eCommerce platform, giving your shoppers complete transparency into every angle of your pieces.

Let’s take a look at 3 digital tools to humanize technology and deepen customer relationships.

  • Clienteling

If the shift to online purchasing is making it difficult for your brand’s associates to reach customers then implementing clienteling can fix this problem. Clienteling combines customer and product data to create a unified view across all channels amplifying and measuring relevant and meaningful personal outreach.

  • Virtual Consultations

While shoppers have been deterred from visiting stores they will be missing out on the one to one service that is traditionally experienced in a physical location. In the jewelry sector this is a crucial touchpoint in the sale. Setting up virtual consultation functionality allows you to serve customers safely in a private setting whilst giving your associates the time to prepare and personalise the experience for the customer. Customers can chat in real time with an associate in the most convenient, safe and personal way possible. Hosting two way video chat allows associates to browse pieces in real time, answer any questions, offer advice, and complete the sale achieving conversion rates of over 70%.

  • Live Chat

Your website is the door to your store so make it easy for your customers to connect directly with your in-store associates. Live chat is entering a new era and is fast becoming a tool that customers expect. Chat live, share product recommendations and help them to build a basket. Let your teams inspire your customers with their knowledge, passion and expertise in an instant with virtual selling.

Proximity Insight’s digital retail platform gives brands the ability to empower their customer facing teams and boost digital capability, enabling them to get closer to their customers, regardless of location. Our solutions are deployed in pureplay brands, boutiques and department stores, creating memorable customer experiences for your luxury business, whether it be jewelry, fashion, beauty, homeware.

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