Welcome to the world of Clienteling

14/10/2020 | by Proximity

Welcome to the world of Clienteling

Our CEO and Co-Founder Cathy McCabe was recently interviewed by Mark Ellwood from Business Insider, who asked about how clienteling works in regards to ecommerce.

“It’s about making the customer feel special and that you’ve thought of them, and making it personalised based on their history – understanding the customer like that, and how she buys, can really drive greater profitability.”

“The company’s data analysis, McCabe said, allows clients like London-based luxury boutique MatchesFashion.com to streamline clienteling. The Proximity Insight system might prompt a sales associate, for example, to check in on a certain customer with a handwritten note. As end of season approaches, it can also automate and target discounts better than a human being might. If a customer already owns an item in blue, for example, they could receive a personalized presale note offering a 20% discount on the same piece in another color.”

Read more about how our platform can drive profits by reading the rest of the article here:


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