Online Associate Is the Retail Job of the Future

29/10/2020 | by Proximity

Online Associate Is the Retail Job of the Future

“The pandemic has created fertile ground for a new wave of relationship-building, according to Cathy McCabe, CEO of Proximity Insight, a London-based competitor to Salesfloor. The crisis has made people more open to changing how things are done, including the way they shop. After all the hiccups and interruptions of the work-from-home experience, many people don’t expect a brand interaction to be perfect either.”

It was fantastic to be featured in Bloomberg’s recent article about how retailers had been toying with video chat and live-streaming long before COVID-19 was around. Our CEO Cathy McCabe was interviewed Bloomberg for the article (written by Sandrine Rastello) to discuss her thoughts on the matter.

Read the entire article HERE.

Written by Proximity

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