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11/06/2018 | by Proximity

With London Tech Week starting today we ask, what does it take to be a leading technology company?

Being at the forefront of innovation requires a company to respect, embrace and develop all elements of their business. From company strategy to product development and investment in talent and people.

Companies like Proximity Insight typically start organically by identifying a problem that needs to be solved and a gap in the market. A team develops from friendship and core competencies. What we don’t often discuss is our experience, on a human level.

Product is shaped by experience. The experiences of retailers, customers and teams leading the development. We are all shaped by our experiences and ultimately that translates into business strategy, mission and core values, marketing aims and requirements for product development.

Working closely with partners gives insights to their pain points and their desire to find a way to provide their customers with the best shopping experience possible.

“Retailers today are able to gain a forensic understanding of their customers: where and when they purchase, how they are being communicated to and spending trends. This is the basis to really deliver an amazing, joined up brand experience.” Kris Moyse, Co-founder Proximity Insight

Creating a product centred around multiple genuine experiences enables all use cases to be considered and also supports buy-in from all stakeholders. There is a real need for all levels and areas of the business to be included from the beginning of implementing a new technology system.

The CIO and sales associates have common goals, they want the best technology product available to be responsive and secure. Building on an established platform has huge benefits.

“The platform used is a major consideration when rolling out a product within a business, and in retail in particular when you’re dealing with customer information you want to know anything you use is tried, tested and secure as well as scalable: that’s exactly why we chose to build on the Salesforce Lightning platform.” Matt Lacey, Co-founder Proximity Insight

Using creative talents to innovate and build upon a trusted platform such at Salesforce has enabled Proximity Insight to offer the best solution to their clients. Benefiting from the scale of an established company and the agility and creativity of a start-up they have produced a leading clienteling application.

Technology has the ability to support both personal and company growth. When we are empowered to use our experiences and talents we can change our own destiny and that of the company we work for. Proximity Insight is one of the few London based technology companies to have a female CEO, Cathy McCabe, who has unrivalled experience of leading tech-enabled change for fashion retailers, including digital pioneers Burberry.

“I’ve never really thought of myself as a technologist, just someone who has a passion for technology and what it can do to enable a new way of thinking or experience. If you want to succeed then “Always step up to the table, take on board a role that takes you out of your comfort zone and keep on learning”. Cathy McCabe, CEO Proximity Insight

Tech London Advocates, Women In Tech state a 34% higher ROI for women-led tech companies. These are the kind of results that Proximity Insight has started to see for themselves. Having a female CEO of a tech firm is fantastic for the business and for a true understanding of the environment in which platforms are embedded into. Cathy McCabe has worked hard to be a leader in retail and tech, and it’s this that makes her a driving force not only for Proximity Insight but for the the technology industry in London and beyond.

London Tech Week promotes creativity, talent and innovation coming together, and this is exactly what creates the foundations for a successful business. Our experiences create a robust solution and understanding of each other. At the end of the day a partnership and success is about the people, not just the tech.

Written by Proximity

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