How can Clienteling help brands connect with customers?

26/11/2020 | by Proximity

How can Clienteling help brands connect with customers?

Clienteling can help support brands in many ways, with the key support of allowing sales associates to build better relationships with their customers. It allows associates to understand customer behavioural patterns, further boosting sales profits and the brand to customer connection. The experience highly elevates the bond between a customer and store associate, creating a truly personalised experience which in turn, creates a longer lasting relationship with many beneficial factors.

What is the difference between customer service and clienteling?

Customer service is an umbrella term for all communications that occur between a retailer and their customers, whilst clienteling on the other hand is a subsection of customer service which revolves entirely around building strong relationships between customers and a few selected sales associates per customer.

What can clienteling provide customers?

Despite the increase in popularity of online shopping, 85% of consumers still prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores. Clienteling provides businesses with the tools to keep track of purchases, giving store associates the ability to identify loyal customers as well as their shopping preferences and further understand their behavioural shopping patterns. Store associates are then able to provide a more targeted service which allows customers to feel that of a bespoke, white glove service, resulting in the ultimate satisfaction.

Who uses clienteling?

Clienteling tools also encourage sales associates to communicate with their clients more often, also making it easier to increase transaction value and basket size. ‘Mobility solutions provide instant access to all customer, product, and inventory information. Additionally, they improve task management and collaboration, customer insights, product insights, and the ability to transact, resulting in improved assisted selling and a better in-store experience.’ Simply put, clienteling gives sales associates an easy way of keeping track of their clients and behaviours, as well as a sleek, innovative, multi platform shopping experience.

How can clienteling help when facing a reduced footfall?

Our clienteling platform is a perfect example of how sales associates can continue to reach out and nurture their relationships with their clients, even without face to face engagement. Our target KPI’s see 50% open rate, 15%-20% response rates and 15% conversion rates. With previous introductions such as Appointment Booking -and constant work behind the scenes updating our product to new versions Additionally, since introducing Appointment Booking to combat the lack of open stores, our clients have seen some fantastic metrics.

Does introducing clienteling uplift sales?

As well as drastically increasing the level of engagement between a brand, via their associates, and the customer, clienteling has a direct impact on brand sales where we see an average of between 5 and 10% increase once clienteling is introduced. Other sales metrics we’ve measured include a 30% increase in average transaction value (ATV) and the average number of days to repurchase drop to between 7-9 days on average.

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