A Great Day for Sharing the Successes of Clienteling

13/08/2020 | by Proximity

A Great Day for Sharing the Successes of Clienteling

On July 15th 2020, Salesforce hosted Salesforce Live for Retail & Consumer Goods. This virtual event was an opportunity for Salesforce, vendors and customers to share problems and solutions and to champion success stories.

Proximity Insight featured twice on the event’s agenda, first up was a session presented by Sarah Patane Program Manager, Stores Strategy & Initiatives David Jones: ‘How David Jones Empower Their Employees with Stylist and Personal Shopper Clienteling’. David Jones have been a client of Proximity Insight’s since 2017 . In the session they describe their journey with Proximity Insight, the success they have experienced in the past few months, and several new features and how they are using them.

David Jones Talks Clienteling

Sarah starts the session with an introduction to clienteling:

“What is clienteling? Clienteling is the art of linking service and customer data to provide customers with a highly elevated personalised experience. It is a technique used to establish long term relationships with key customers based on data about their preferences, behaviours and purchases. This elevated experience builds customer loyalty and ultimately increases sales.”

Next, discusses the classic features of clienteling and its benefits that have enabled them to drive deeper engagement with our customers over the course of the last few months:

“It provides a holistic view of how to best connect and maximise every interaction through recent purchases stylist recommendations and historical appointments, A deeper knowledge of our customer preferences, habits and personal information has improved service, productivity and forged stronger client relationships along with improving communication with general tasks acquisition emails, lapsed emails, call reminders and customer reminders’

David Jones Implements Essential Appointment Booking Feature

Sarah talks about David Jones’s implementation of Proximity Insight’s new Appointment Booker feature and comments that the feature offers ‘expanded functionality to meet evolving customer needs’. David Jones were one of the first clients at Proximity Insight to adopt this feature in the early stages of the pandemic, which has since become an essential part of post lockdown strategy for all retailers.

Sarah describes the way that the Appointment Booker feature interfaces with Salesforce and integrates with the clienteling tool. Once the customer has selected their service and appointment type the details are captured and stored as a new customer profile or attached to an existing customer profile.

‘This solution is an enabler for our stylist teams to deliver a highly personalised, specialised, and intuitive customer experience whilst maximising sales and strengthening relationships with existing clients and new’

Success Metrics from the Frontline

Sarah goes on to highlight some of the incredible successes that David Jones have had with clienteling Proximity Insight’s CEO Cathy McCabe has said:

‘I’m proud of our team in Australia who have worked as a trusted partner and change agent to deliver clienteling, appointment booking and video call services to the David Jones personal shopping teams. Great to see such fabulous results – 43% email open rate, 22% increase in new personal shopping customers and an awesome 26% uplift in average transaction value.’

Watch the David Jones full demo here:

Salesforce DemoJam Session Winners

The second session that Proximity Insight took part in was the Demo Jam session. Four vendors that had been included over the course of the Salesforce Live 2020 event had the chance to pitch to the audience in competition with one another battling it out for the infamous Salesforce trophy. Proximity Insight’s Senior Sales Manager Rob Niedzwiecki did an outstanding job of demonstrating how the innovative clienteling platform works. Rob collaborated with Proximity Insight founder Kris Moysie to show our new video feature live in action. The demo was triumphant, congratulations to all involved it was a well earned victory!

Watch Rob and Kris’s winning demo:

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