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Taking Care of Retail 2021: Possibility

12 months ago, we released our first Taking Care of Retail report in response to the global pandemic. Now, as stores re-open and we start to return to a different normality,  we’re releasing a new report, the Taking Care of Retail 2021 edition: Possibility.


Despite raising many challenges for Brands and Retailers, 2020 raised the bar for technological acceleration within the industry.


In the latest edition of Taking Care of Retail, we explore new and exciting developments in retail, industry success stories as well as difficulties that brands are facing. The report is laced with promise, potential, positivity and success metrics from customers who use our retail app. We reveal the possibility for brands and retailers to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic better situated to meet a new generation of customer expectations.

How can your Brand find success in the post pandemic retail landscape?

By analysing the performance of different markets, sectors, trends and strategies, we’ve developed a formula for success for 2021: from the catalytic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic there is a new world of Possibility for Brands and Retailers. We hope it ignites your inner retail agility!


-Unique insight from our team of retail experts

-Holistic retail industry analysis of the past 12 months

-Practical advice and guidance for Brands and Retailers

-Success metrics from customers who use our retail app

-Formula for success in 2021 

Gain industry insights on the following topics

-Global Performance

-Sector Performance

-Industry Insiders – our retail app

-The Holiday Period

-Digital Dominance – data done well

-Acceleration of Digital

-Virtual Selling

-The High Street

-Formula for Success


Read the report to gain industry insights and learn what success looks like in 2021.

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