Email Outreach & Automated Task – VIDEO DEMO

07/12/2023 | by John Wright

Email Outreach & Automated Task – VIDEO DEMO

Introducing automated tasks into the day of a store associate will significantly save time and improve efficiencies.

In our latest demo video, our solutions engineer John Wright introduces our innovative app feature of automation. This allows individuals and businesses to redirect their energy towards more strategic activities, freeing up time to build meaningful customer relationships.

The Retail Super-App streamlines processes and enhances productivity. This video demonstrates how users can customise workflows, set triggers, and schedule tasks effortlessly, transforming daily tasks of store teams.

Watch the video below, and follow the rest of the demo’s in the series to find out how the Retail Super-App can help your team.

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John Wright

Written by John Wright

John is an experienced Solutions Engineer with a passion for connecting Commercial and Enterprise companies with amazing technology. He has spent the last 8 years in fast paced, high-growth startups with proven success (Presidents Club), selling/consulting into Financial, Legal, and Retail Industries.

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