Clienteling Demo Video

25/06/2016 | by Kris Moyse

Clienteling Demo Video

Proximity Insight has updated our retail video with new branding but our vision has not changed over the years. See the overview of our feature set here Clienteling Platform


Proximity Insight takes the flood of retailers data and puts it into the hands of those on the ground in an intelligent, easy to understand and instantly actionable way. Our store platform puts cutting-edge capabilities in the hands of sales associates to drive engagement and ensure that every interaction with your customer is memorable.

From our mobile platform:
1) retail sales associates can manage all client contact through email, text and social media. See all client touch points with brand across every channel and review sales goals.
2) managers can assign tasks to associates, see how each staff member and their store is performing.
3) customers can interact with their preferred staff member, make purchases or book an appointment.
4) staff can communicate internally on new products and press, visual merchandising and store chats.

We’ve created a mobile app experience that associates love so clients get an all new level of customer service.

Written by Kris Moyse

Kris has worked with some of the top global retailers to demonstrate true sales uplift by leveraging customer data and enabling store teams. Before specialising in retail, he has rolled out global CRM solutions for numerous fortune 500 companies including Amex, Baxter, and Fidelity. Kris has an MBA and B. Comp. Sci.

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