The Connected Shoppers Report with Michelle Grant [video interview]

20/09/2023 | by Proximity

The Connected Shoppers Report with Michelle Grant [video interview]

The Connected Shoppers Report by Salesforce presents critical insights into the evolving relationship between shoppers and retailers in today’s digital-driven world.

Based on surveys of 2,400 shoppers and 1,125 retail industry decision-makers, this comprehensive report sheds light on key trends and challenges facing the retail sector.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Michelle Grant, Director of Strategy & Insights for retail & consumer goods at Salesforce, and ask her about the key trends, recommendations and insights from the latest report.

To watch the full interview please click here, alternatively we’ve divided it into bite-sized chapters below:

Shopping at the edge and the changes this has for the retail landscape

Personalization & the modern shopper

Social media in the stores

Empowering employees

The evolving role of retail stores

Loyalty programs & customer retention

Customer service channels & insights

Top three takeaways for retailers to focus on

A big thank you to Michelle Grant for her time and expertise. If you’d like to explore the benefits of implementing a customer engagement platform into your organisation, get in contact with John Liebler to find out how we can help.

To download the fifth edition of the Connected Shoppers Report in full, please click here, or book a demo of the Retail Super-App here.

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