We Can Do It, Women In Tech

08/03/2020 | by Proximity

We Can Do It, Women In Tech

Cathy McCabe on International Women’s Day, Inspirational Women and Women in Tech:

Today we’re celebrating the 109th International Women’s Day, a day that is about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action and at Proximity Insight we are immensely proud to have a woman in the top position as well as a team that is made up of over 50% women compared with the tech industry average which is just 16.8%. To mark the occasion, we arranged an interview with our CEO, Cathy McCabe to talk to us about international women’s day, inspirational women and women in tech.

Q) What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

A) A day to celebrate the power and positivity of women from all walks of life all over the world

Q) Who springs to mind when you think of powerful women?

A) Gosh – there are so many, probably Angela Ahrendts – the most inspiring leader. I felt very privileged to have worked under her leadership whilst at
Burberry – Angela is the kind of person that you don’t meet too many of in a lifetime.

Q) What women/woman inspires you in the workplace?

A) Sheryl Sandberg, Katharine Graham. Heather Black

Q) What would you say is the biggest challenge that women face today?

A) It is still a struggle to combine work and family and you always have to compromise and make difficult choices, so in the end, you have to accept that you cannot please everyone all of the time.

Q) Do you know any men that are championing women’s rights?

A) I think I would like to call out all of the male team members at Proximity Insight who truly support their wives/girlfriends with their careers

Q) Do you think women are represented well within the tech and fashion industries?

A) More so within fashion but female representation in tech still needs some bolstering. That being said, I am heartened by the fact that I see more women coming into tech and meeting more and more female tech founders, the UK female founders trade mission that I’m taking part in next week is an excellent example of this.

Q) What advice would you give to women who are just starting out in the tech and fashion industries?

A) Always put your hand up to do the things no-one else wants to do

Q) What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

A) Juggling 2-3 roles as well as a family as the ways of working are changing and portfolio careers become the norm.

Q) What role or impact would you like to play in regards to women’s rights?

A) I hope I am seen as a strong female role model and able to inspire people to believe that you can achieve

Proximity Insight CEO,Cathy McCabe

Cathy will be attending UK Female Founders Trade Mission to New York from March 9-11 with 9 other remarkable women where they will be exploring international expansion and contributing to UK government policy discussions around the barriers women face in accessing start-up capital.

Written by Proximity

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