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21/08/2014 | by Proximity

Proximity Insight is excited to offer Android Wear notifications for staff on the run.

Behind all truly luxurious experiences are millions of tiny touch points that the recipient doesn’t even know exist; now that you can deliver contextual information to wearables through our Proximity Platform, you have an opportunity to unlock a whole new realm of meaningful interactions.

When a VIP customer gets near to a iBeacon (like indoor GPS), a message is sent to Salesforce allowing a whole new level of customer interaction in a physical space by leveraging the Proximity Insight platform.

Imagine Kris is a high roller and spends 4 weekends/yr on property. He walks up to the BlackJack table to start playing shorty after checking in. Pit Boss as well as VIP concierge gets a notification on their Android Wear watches with Kris’s picture and a note where he is and pertinent profile information.

Written by Proximity

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