Nurturing Excellence and Equality: Women in Tech

19/10/2023 | by Lucy Lefroy

Nurturing Excellence and Equality: Women in Tech

Last week our CEO Cathy McCabe was a guest speaker at the inaugural GRLS Talk in London. GRLS is an HR-Tech Company with a mission to fight the gender gap. The is a platform dedicated to women and non-binary individuals that harnesses the power of AI to create meaningful connections.

What started out as a discussion around tech automation and the value of human interaction, soon became “an inspiring conversation about entrepreneurship, confidence and personal growth.

Whilst we live in an era that encourages women to rise to leadership positions, we must acknowledge that the enthusiasm for gender equality in the workplace, particularly in the tech industry, often outpaces the reality.

Which is why it’s important to continually discuss the current state of play, and reflect on what companies can do to nurture excellence and equality within the digital world.


In the US, only 10% of Fortune 500 companies have female CEO’s. Whilst the UK has seen a significant increase in the last few years to nearly 40% of FTSE 100 top table roles, the figures tell a different story when it comes to the tech industry.

In Big Tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, female employees make up between 29-45% of the total workforce. When it comes to leadership roles, they represent even less (between 26-29%).

Tech startups have a different narrative altogether.

According to BairesDev, only 25% have a female founder.  


There are several key measures that can help empower women within the tech industry:


Studies have found that 36% of women in leadership cite role models as providing the confidence to make decisions that they otherwise would not have taken. Female role models give women the power to be braver, bolder, to speak up, and to push forward more.

According to research by BairesDev, “52% of women say that businesses would be better equipped to attract more women to tech jobs if they had more female role models.”


In the tech sector, 53% of women in engineering and IT say remote working has had a positive impact. It’s evident that we need to create business environments and opportunities that not only empower women, but also eliminate the barriers they face. Many women in tech are also mothers, and flexibility is vital for managing childcare and family responsibilities. It enables them to meet both career aspirations, and family obligations.


Companies that embrace gender diversity tend to outperform their peers. By tapping into a wider talent pool and attracting a more diverse employee base, organisations can gain a competitive edge, enrich decision-making processes, foster creativity and innovation. Diverse teams often lead to better problem-solving and more effective solutions.


Failing to offer career progression to women can result in the loss of valuable talent. It’s not just about hiring women; it’s about keeping them and allowing them to grow within the organisation. Without progression, women may seek opportunities elsewhere. Creating career paths that allow for progression, even for roles with full-time commitments, offering flexible hours, work-from-home options, and consideration for school holidays is the way forward.


According to the latest Women in Tech survey, 90% of respondents believe that the tech sector would benefit from having a gender equal workforce, and 61% of people surveyed say that their organisation is actively working on gender balance in their workforces.

At Proximity, we understand the importance of role models in leadership positions. Our female CEO & Co-Founder, Cathy McCabe, brings her extensive experience in both retail and tech to the helm, and we maintain a gender-balanced team, with women occupying key positions across all departments.

We believe in nurturing talent, aspirations, and work-life balance, enabling us to thrive across different time zones and inspire both our internal and external stakeholders.

As we look to the future, we hope to see more companies espouse values like those at Proximity. It’s incumbent upon all of us to inspire and nurture women, men, girls, and boys, fostering a more inclusive industry, and equitable world.

Header image: Cathy McCabe at the GRLS Talk in London, 12th October 2023

Lucy Lefroy

Written by Lucy Lefroy

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