Focus on your people to build relationships.

09/05/2018 | by Proximity

As we reflect on our experience at Europe’s leading technology event for the retail industry, RBTE, we came away feeling more than ever that in a super tech enabled, hyper connected world we need to ensure we don’t lose focus of our most valuable asset, our people.

Supporting shop floor staff to give exceptional customer service is one of the best steps you can take to connect with your customers. Using technology to nurture relationships, not solely to drive sales, is key to building long-lasting loyalty. Your people are your brand ambassadors and your best advocate.

“Know how rewarding developing a relationship with a client is, it goes way beyond making a sale”.

Serving Royal Family members, high profile business leaders and VIP’s for over 30 years, personal stylist, Christina Abbott joined us at RBTE to share how rewarding developing a relationship with a client is, and how it goes way beyond making a sale.

“Going that extra mile and surprising clients, remembering their purchases, the things they said, it’s very special to connect with a client in a way that is personal and unique to them, underlying that the relationship with them is of value.”

The perception of value is what keeps people coming back to a specific retailer. You can buy the same pair of shoes from several multi brand retailers, so why do customers keep returning to one specific retailer, it’s because they value their service.

Our purchases are emotional, they are connected to our moods, social status and aspirations. When we discuss our purchase with shop floor staff we’re not always looking for a swift transaction, but emotional engagement, a vote of confidence, validation in choosing well.

“These relationships are about building trust, being discreet, being a guardian of the client relationship and only selling a product that is right for the client. The days of pressure selling are over. Clients don’t want to be sold to, they want to be known, they want a relationship, to feel they matter.”

As a tech company, our mission is to nurture these trusted relationships by providing the smartest tools for retailer’s shop floor teams. Relationships are our key focus, how we enable them, how we support them, to build long lasting customer relationships. It’s great to be a retail tech innovator, but it’s also great to be able to support relationships that have been built on years of service history. To innovate in the future you have to respect your past and make the most of how digital can transform experience in the real world.

Written by Proximity

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