Cathy Interviewed On Empowering Your Sales Assistants

30/11/2017 | by Matt Lacey

Cate Trotter of Insider Trends, recently interviewed our CEO, Cathy McCabe. In the interview they discussed how our Shop Floor Engagement platform is being used by our customers to democratize the customer experience:

It’s a really good time in retail. I think brands are suddenly waking up to how do they start to reimagine and reinvent the store and blend that with their online channels. There’s been a lot of talk around new tech and how can tech enable that in-store experience and connect those journeys between the digital experience and the physical experience. But I think people have been reluctant to really try to shift the power to the sales associates away from automated marketing. We’re really seeing a response to the fact that you can have a really simple front-end that acts as glue between all your disparate systems.

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Matt Lacey

Written by Matt Lacey

Matt has been a professional software developer and architect for nearly 15 years, working on a range of platforms from games consoles through to enterprise cloud platforms. Matt has over 10 years of experience building on the Salesforce platform and has been specialising in mobile retail shop floor technology for the last five years.

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