Meet the Executive Team

Cathy McCabe
Cathy has spent her entire career in global retail and IT. She is passionate about bridging the gap between digital and physical experiences by connecting customers, products, and services. Cathy was previously CIO at Jaeger and VP of Customer & Payments Technology at Burberry.
Kris Moyse
Co-Founder, Head of Product
Kris has worked with some of the top global retailers to demonstrate true sales uplift by leveraging customer data and enabling store teams. Before specialising in retail, he has rolled out global CRM solutions for numerous fortune 500 companies including Amex, Baxter, and Fidelity. Kris has an MBA and B. Comp. Sci.
Matt Lacey
Co-Founder, Head of Development
Matt has been a professional software developer and architect for nearly 15 years, working on a range of platforms from games consoles through to enterprise cloud platforms. Matt has over 10 years of experience building on the Salesforce platform and has been specialising in mobile retail shop floor technology for the last five years.
Jonathan Gale
Jonathan is one of Europe’s most accomplished SaaS executives having been a driving force in senior executive positions at three of Europe’s biggest and best-known SaaS success stories: Messagelabs, Mimecast and NewVoiceMedia.