Retail Tech Show Recap – Retail is in an exciting place

02/05/2023 | by Chris Jones

Retail Tech Show Recap – Retail is in an exciting place

The future’s bright

Despite the consistent gloomy headlines surrounding the retail industry, there wasn’t an ounce of negativity from anybody I spoke with at the Retail Technology Show. In fact, retailers are feeling extremely positive about the future, and I, for one, couldn’t help but feel energised about where we’re heading. The show constantly buzzed with highly talented people, new and innovative ideas, and a collaborative spirit.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers!

It feels like, at long last, employees are getting the recognition and attention they deserve, and the link between happy, engaged, productive staff and delighted, loyal customers who are willing to be a retailer’s biggest cheerleader is finally being truly championed. At the end of the day, we’re all people. Help the people in your business, and they will help your customer.

Go back to the basics

With all the rapid and astonishing acceleration in tech right now (AI – I’m looking at you), you could be forgiven for becoming diverted from the true principles that make up a good retail experience. As Mary Portas, who spoke brilliantly on day 2 – put it in her open letter to John Lewis: “What we want in this crooked, flighty, commoditised world is unfailing quality, honest value, genuinely helpful service.” Customers simply want to be able to easily interact with your brand, shop in a way that suits them, and receive quality service before, during, and after they buy from you. Focus laser-like on these basics when investing in technology, and you won’t go far wrong.

We look forward to seeing you at the show in 2024!


Chris Jones

Written by Chris Jones

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