KEY takeaways from SHOPTALK Las Vegas 2023

03/04/2023 | by John Liebler

KEY takeaways from SHOPTALK Las Vegas 2023


I love retail!

Ok, so I already knew I loved retail, but sometimes we all need a reminder of “why we do what we do.”  Being surrounded by such high-energy, intelligent, resourceful people is inspiring. We work in a phenomenal industry that rewards hard work, versatility, and the power of human connection.  What’s not to love?

The store is back

The pendulum has swung back. Customers are now back in the stores, and their expectations are higher than ever. They want to be greeted, treated with respect, and known. They expect employees to have access to all of their relevant information, multi-channel communication capabilities, omnichannel inventory and the ability to easily transact and ship. Making shopping experiences seamless is truly the best way to build brand loyalty.

AI is the new “shiny object”

While open AI led the conversation, it’s only one of many new and emerging AI platforms. Retailers are trying to figure out how to leverage these emerging technologies to optimize results. The challenge is to pick the right technology and the right time.



While much has changed, the need for human connection and community remains. Brands should prioritize this innate need and invest in technologies that support it. By striking a balance between human connection and emerging technologies, the retail industry can drive success and build strong customer relationships.


John Liebler

Written by John Liebler

Head of Strategic Growth, NA. John has been in retail for over 30 years working in-store operations, strategy, technology implementation and consulting. John was the former DVP of Operations for Signet Jewelers, the Head of stores for Shinola and CRO for Clean Origin.

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