Device Support Policy


This document contains details of which operating system (OS) and device types are currently supported, as well as any information about devices that will soon be out of Support (if available).

To allow for innovation and in order to keep customer data safe and secure, Proximity Insight reviews and updates its Device Support Policy every six months in February and September, however, it may change more frequently and without notice due to changes with device manufacturing or OS policy.

Supported Devices


• Mobile

o   iPhone SE (2nd generation)

o   iPhone XR

o   iPhone 7 and above

o   iPhone 6s – Will no longer be supported from August 2022


• Tablets

o   iPad 5th generation and above

o   iPad Mini 4 and above



• Mobile

o   Devices less than three years old


• Tablets

o   Devices less than three years old


Supported Operating Systems

• iOS 14 and above

• Android 10 and above

What happens if a device is out of support?

If a device or operating system is not listed on the Supported list, this does not necessarily mean that the device will not work with the PI Clienteling app and the user may continue using that particular device.


However, no fixes will be released in the event that:

•  There is any degradation of functionality for the PI Clienteling app

• The app stops running on that particular device or operating system
• That any device specific defects are identified


Proximity Insight will also not routinely test new releases on unsupported devices or devices that are going out of support within the next 6 months.


To ensure that the device is safe and secure, we recommend only running the PI Clienteling app on devices with the latest operating system installed.


This policy was most recently updated on 10th March 2022.