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Meet our award-winning Retail Super-App combining Clienteling, POS, Appointment Booking & Store Events. Designed to deliver a seamless customer experience anywhere, anytime.

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Modules For Our Clienteling App

Data Capture

Maximise customer data capture opportunities and pave the way for meaningful engagement, every time.


Cultivate customer relationships at scale. Proximity makes it easy to personalise your engagement, with omnichannel and integrated clienteling tools.

Appointment booking

Book appointments with your local and international customers. Integrated with the entire customer journey, our app seamlessly connects the digital and physical customer experience.

Mobile POS & Endless aisle

Make sourcing inventory and payment time completely frictionless. Take Proximity’s mobile POS anywhere, transforming how and where your customers can transact.

Event management

Plan, build, and manage exceptional in-store events. The app helps you engage new audiences, and nurture relationships long after.

Dashboard reporting

Welcome to the wonderful world of insights. Report and analyse metrics based on the KPIs that matter to you.


Tangible results

Customer Acquisition

Improve your customer acquisition today with our clienteling app. Acquire more customers and offer a unique experience for your brand.


Personalise your interactions at every touchpoint. Record each moment, activity, and interaction to provide a better follow up experience for your customers.

Sales Growth

Grow your sales with our clienteling platform by building and nurturing relationships, creating cross-selling opportunities and inspiring customers to come back again and again.


Improve the productivity and efficiency of your store associates by providing them with all the tools they need in one easy to use app.

Engagement & Retention

Build brand loyalty and create long-lasting relationships by improving customer engagement and retention. A single view of customer data allows a seamless in-store or online shopping experience.

Unlocking the benefits of our Platform

Achieve your goals with Proximity. Our features and modules are designed to help you succeed; and to curate the most impactful brand experiences possible. From creating highly personalised moments to maximising the value of your data, Proximity makes your strategic vision a reality.

Customer Acquisition

+ 150% data capture


+ 30% ATV

Encourage customer engagement

83% response rate to social messaging

Grow Your Sales

Over $1M attributable sales per month

Empower your team

90%+ adoption rate

Increase Efficiency

Connect data, tasks and reports in a single app

In the last 12 months Proximity has enabled…

  • £67,802,100 in transactions

  • 1,535,100 Messages Sent

  • 24,100 Appointments Booked

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We’re not providers, we’re partners. Our unique combination of tech and retail expertise, plus our structured onboarding and operating model, ensures you see value build across your stores in a matter of weeks.

About Us

Our Experience

Connecting top brands with their customers, globally.

Our teams use Proximity's Retail Super-App across our key stores in the UK to better connect with their customers and deliver a seamless experience that is tailored to each customers’ needs

- Rachel Curtis, Head of CRM Joseph

You don’t need the customer to walk through the door when you have such a personalised tool!

- Jennifer Shields, Director of Retail Stores of Lafayette 148

Proximity have revolutionised our store teams' workflow and brought our staff closer to our customers than ever before. The level of insight makes our job easier and our customers engaged and happier.

- Camellia Spaczynska, Head of Retail Operations, Paul Smith

Proximity helps us to be efficient. The platform allows our staff to complete tasks a lot quicker with lean teams in very busy stores.

– Patrick Sauter, Executive GM Global Retail, Rodd & Gunn

Salesforce in the store

#1 Clienteling App On Salesforce

SaleforceGet enterprise power at your fingertips. Proximity is built on the world’s no.1 trusted cloud platform and can be deployed in weeks, not months. We are also the number 1 clienteling app on Salesforce.


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