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On March 27, 2017 / Clienteling / Retail

Proximity Insight are delighted to be recognized by Retail CIO Outlook as one of the top 10 retail CRM solution providers for 2017!
Retail CIO Outlook

To be considered for inclusion, companies had to “showcase in-depth expertise in delivering innovative CRM solutions that boost operational efficiency for retailers”. At Proximity Insight, this’s what we are all about. We understand the importance of enabling in-store touch points and view this as a significant opportunity for the retail sector. In-store transactions account for 80-90 percent of all retail sales and that figure is projected to remain consistent for the next decade. We help our clients produce dynamic clienteling business tools that help sales associates navigate the entire customer lifecycle, and drive sales by providing the best customers to contact, along with the right channel, messaging and timing that will resonate.


On January 26, 2017 / Blog / Clienteling / Retail / Salesforce

NRF 2017 in New York City was bigger and better than ever, with over 35,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors. All the usual technology vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM and Intel were there to demo the latest offerings to retailers from all over the world. After the acquisition of Demandware (now Commerce Cloud), Salesforce is quickly becoming a serious player in the retail space, and their presence increased dramatically at this year’s show.

The theme this year was a typical one: the future of retail and how the environment needs to shift to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving consumer.

In his keynote, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich described how customer insight will transform retail by creating opportunities to predict customer behavior. This will reinvent the store experience and transform how retailers utilize analytics.

“Data is at the heart of the customer relationship, and it’s driving transformation.”

On September 12, 2016 / Clienteling / ibeacon

Proximity Insight is about to launch at the long-awaited grand re-opening of the flagship Cartier Mansion on 5th Avenue, following redevelopment which commenced in 2014. The redevelopment facilitated this year’s most advanced roll-out of brick-and-mortar retail technology, as well as producing the most epic party of NYFW SS17 (cc Sienna Miller, Rooney Mara, Katie Holmes, Lewis Hamilton, Uma Thurman, Ellie Goulding).


We utilise an interactive map, with location-based discovery, to create an immersive experience for staff as they learn about the brand and products. For Cartier we’ve tailored our platform to include directory-style lookup for products and content, location-content aggregated from social channels, and intuitive layout including a magazine view. Our objective with is to deliver information by engaging users to increase retention, something that is imperative for a retail space the size of Cartier Mansion. The experience is fun and fluid – something suited to not only staff, but also customers.


On August 10, 2016 / Clienteling / Retail

By Craig Crawford
First Published by AATCC News


Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, shopping has become a 24/7 experience. Digitally-savvy consumers research before purchase, and share their experiences—good or bad—socially. Consumers expect to shop frictionlessly anytime, anywhere, and on any device with free shipping, free returns, and receive assistance in real time online or on the phone. They also expect to order online and pick up in store.


On June 25, 2016 / Clienteling / Retail

Proximity Insight retail clienteling app takes the flood of corporate data and puts it into the hands of those on the ground in an intelligent, easily understandable, and instantly actionable way.

From our mobile clienteling platform, 1) retail sales associates can manage all client contact through email, text, and social media, see all client interactions with brand across every channel, and review sales goals; 2) managers can assign tasks to associates, see how each associate is performing, and see how their store is performing; 3) Corporate can communicate information on new products and press, review store performance, and see the customer journey and sales attribution from micro to macro.


On April 28, 2016 / Clienteling / Retail

I am excited to announce that Alluring Logic has teamed up with Proximity Insight to continue innovating within digital marketing, clienteling and CRM. Alluring Logic was founded to help retailers drive brick & mortar traffic through personalized communication with clientele. This is a great opportunity for complimentary services to execute on an overlapping vision.


Alluring Logic acquired by Proximity Insight
On March 19, 2016 / Clienteling / Retail

Nominated for Best Customer Experience and Best Startup

Proximity Insight and Jaeger have embarked upon a journey to completely transform the way in which staff engage with our customers and each other. Our objective: to provide a seamless personalized customer experience spanning from online to shop floor.


On January 13, 2016 / Clienteling / Retail

By Jason Lawrence
Originally Published on the SalesFix Blog


The first Salesforce Retail Clienteling application in Asia Pacific has arrived. Recently launched, this brand new application looks set to transform bricks and mortar retailing across the region with powerful, on-the-spot customer data that creates a totally customised in-store experience.

This application is launched by SalesFix Pty Ltd., a Brisbane based specialist partner in business process improvement, in partnership with Salesforce ISV Partner Proximity Insight. Together they will deliver the very first Retail Clienteling application to Comvita’s retail store staff in New Zealand.


On December 11, 2015 / Clienteling / ibeacon

Shopping is now a 24/7 experience. Digitally savvy customers are able to research, compare products and prices, and read reviews before making a purchase decision. They are becoming more vocal and share their brand experiences—good or bad—with their social network. Most brands struggle today to deliver a positive experience from sale through service and 89% of customers are leaving brands due to a bad customer experience.

It is no surprise that companies who invest in a ‘customer-centric’ strategy are seeing amazing results in their overall business KPI’s. The best brands in the world provide their customers with a memorable experience…that experience creates an emotional connection which will stay with the customer for life.

On November 5, 2015 / Clienteling / Retail

I remember when e-tailing, as they used to call it, appeared on the world wide web. It was around the same time that banner ads discovered a purpose, a call to action. Buy! Buy! They would scream at you, hoping the noise and supposed romanticism of being able to source the world for the exact thing you wanted would drown out the uncertainty brought about by horrible, doubt-inflicting UX and, at that stage, a fairly undeveloped shipping industry that relied on government postal services to deliver costly, sight-unseen packages safely to your door.


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