How does the Proximity Insight and Salesforce relationship work?

Together with Salesforce we provide an industry leading connected retail solution which can help you to engage more customers and build seamless shopping experiences.


We replace point solutions and manual processes to provide an ‘out of the box’ commerce and clienteling platform that comprises powerful features that address today’s retail challenges and opportunites.


The Proximity Insight team’s extensive expertise across Salesforce helps to ease the initial set up, speeds up the overall deployment and the flexibility of our solution ensures that you can scale quickly with minimum implementation time and cost allowing you to realise value early and often.

We deliver ROI by:

– Building strong customer relationships

– Driving increased engagement and repeat purchase

– Enabling data analytics and business intelligence

– Reducing integration with point solutions

– Creating a true competitive advantage

Proximity Insight x Commerce Cloud

Offer your customers a frictionless customer experience across all of your channels. Make it easy to provide concierge type services that today’s customer demands such as curbside pick up, click and collect and reserve online pick up in store. Allow the customer to be in charge of their purchase journey and empower your teams to provide elevated services wherever the customer happens to be.

Proximity Insight x Service Cloud

Empower all of your customer facing teams so that they can serve the customer wherever they are. Provide a unified view of the customer and all their interactions regardless of channel or communication method and make it easy for your teams to answer queries, offer concierge type services, remote consultations and inspire with personalised edits and recommendations.

Proximity Insight x Marketing Cloud

Augment your marketing campaigns with personalised outreach and follow ups from your customer facing teams. Create personalised customer journeys across multiple communication channels. Automate tasks to ensure that your customer facing teams never forget an opportunity to follow up or personalise outreach. Track all customer interactions in a unified, collaborative view.

Proximity Insight x Order Management

Proximity Insight is the store UI for Salesforce Order Management. We allow you to execute click and collect, BOPIS, purchase in store and ship and send pay by link and get shipped. These are game changing flows that all retailers need to deliver to meet customers expectations in a post COVID environment.

Certified Partner

We are an official Salesforce Platform, Commerce Cloud and Order Management partner and we have standard connectors into all Salesforce products. Check out our 5 star reviews on the AppExchange.

Together let’s make every customer count.

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