Rodd & Gunn x Proximity Insight collaboration case study

Rodd & Gunn Clienteling Success Story


Our latest case study features New Zealand menswear brand Rodd & Gunn and their journey implementing Proximity Insight clienteling technology to:


Scale clienteling and personalisation

Improve data capture

Optimise their retail teams’ valuable time


We share how each of Rodd & Gunn’s goals were supported by Proximity Insight’s clienteling app and how sales were increased – an overall attribution of 4%.


We explore how the technology developed over the course of time from 2019 to 2021, and share a view on what the brand will be introducing in 2022. During this period, Rodd & Gunn achieved phenomenal results by intertwining simple technology that enhanced their pre-existing “hyper personal” customer approach.

Its a privilege to work with many incredible brands, and Rodd & Gunn are no exception.  If you’re not familiar with the brand, we highly recommend visiting one of their lodges to get a sense of everything this brand has to offer. They have a rich history which we’re thrilled to be able to share and highlight within this case study as we take a look at their journey to personalisation and how clienteling has contributed to further success for the brand.

Rodd & Gunn metrics through clienteling app

Who are Rodd & Gunn?


Established in 1946, this ready-to-wear premium men’s brand started out as hunting and fishing apparel and developed over time.  Today.the brand has an ever-growing global presence with 147 stores in 4 markets: 28 in New Zealand, 107 in Australia, 11 in the US and 1 location in the UK.


This proud Kiwi brand’s aesthetic is inspired by the raw, pure forms of nature found in Rodd & Gunn’s native country – the ancient mountains, glacial lakes, endless plains, and windswept high country.

Patrick Sauter, Rodd & Gunn quote, clienteling success story.

R&G Mountains

What insights will be shared?


– the end to end journey with Proximity Insight’s technology

– metrics and the success through clienteling

– the team benefits from our product

– the power of thank you

– what’s next for the company

– hear directly from Patrick Sauter – Executive GM Global Retail and Oggy Durdic NSW Area Manager

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