Retail is

every customer everywhere.

Our real-time clienteling platform helps Brands to get closer to their customers by connecting digital and physical customer experiences.

The Essential

The need for human connection has never been more important. Allow your customer facing teams to capture customer data quickly, accurately and compliantly so that they can build long term relationships with your customers. Enable personalised outreach using text, chat, video and social platforms, allowing your associates to connect your customers at any time no matter where they are.


Our features are designed to unleash the creative potential of the people at the heart of your brand. Associates are able to inspire their customers by sharing personalised edits, collections and recommendations. They can offer elevated services such as private appointments, one-on-one styling and video consultations. This creates an emotional bond with your customers and builds a deeper, lasting relationship.


With our digital ‘little black book’ at their fingertips, taking care of customers is effortless for brand associates. Customers feel valued and special, engage more, visit your brand more often and ultimately spend more. Associates are able to effectively manage all their interactions with their customers in a single app ensuring 'clienteling' becomes an integral part of their daily lives.

+30% ATV increase

repeat purchase within 7-15 days

+30% ATV increase

repeat purchase within 7-15 days

Together let’s make every customer count.

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