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Lafayette 148 Clienteling Success Story


Our latest success story comes from New York born, global lifestyle brand Lafayette 148. We share the brands’ journey with Proximity Insight, the challenges that were brought to us and how they were met.



To own the modern luxury space

Balance brand awareness with personalisation

Shift from wholesale to omnichannel

It’s a privilege to work with many incredible brands, and working with Lafayette 148 continues to be a partnership we’re extremely proud of.  If you’re not familiar with the brand, we highly recommend visiting one of their beautiful boutiques whilst in the USA, Canada or China.


Lafayette are a truly vertical company – a rarity in the fashion industry and we’re thrilled to be able to share just some of their highlights within this two page success story.  We take a look at their journey to personalisation and how clienteling has contributed to further success for the brand.

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Who are Lafayette 148?

“Born and raised in the spirit of NYC”

– and we couldn’t frame it better ourselves.


Lafayette 148’s journey began in 1996 on the firm belief of the founder that all women deserve beautiful clothing, created specifically for women’s needs.  This global lifestyle brand is led by and designed for women – with its name being taken from the address in SoHo of which the brand were founded.


Everything from the first sketch – through to the final design, each  and every part never leaves the hands of the brand.

Gathering inspiration from the city, their design style combines luxurious materials with flawless construction, uncompromising quality partnered by a modern, New York sensibility.


What insights will be shared?

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