Giving back at Duffys Forest wildlife rehabilitation centre

February 25, 2019 | IN BlogDuffys Forest wildlife rehabilitation centre, Giving Back, volunteering | BY Amelia Curwen

Our Sydney team recently got involved in a ‘giving back’ day by helping out at the Duffys Forest wildlife rehabilitation centre that rescues, rehabilitates and releases sick, injured and orphaned native Australian animals. It had been a while since the centre had any volunteers so the weeds were well overgrown. We got stuck into it by pulling out weeds and anything that didn’t belong in the enclosed areas. After hours of hard work pulling out weeds, mowing, pruning and watering trees, the grounds had been given a new lease of life. We even got to see some baby joeys jumping around, and Jo was happy to cradle a baby possum that had been rescued. All in all, it was a great day of team bonding, landscaping and hanging out with native Australian wildlife.

Our Sydney team hard at work helping make a home for the Kangaroos

Proximity Insight orange trainers getting dirty at Duffys forest wildlife rehabilitation

Kangaroo happy in its new home